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Percy Marshall Sr. - 103 years

Golf is an integral part of my life. Not just a mild preoccupation or a hobby, rather a calling that pulses deep within my veins. Golf is a lot of things for me not just a score. The game is my living link to my past; those that have gone before me who shared this obsession, which taught me gratitude for golf. It’s the air early in the morning, new dew on the cl [...]

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Hole in One!

How I fixed my wayward golf game with a hole in one. A hole in one! As the saying goes, every dog has his day…or something to that effect. Finally got one after 25 years of trying. 127 yard par 3 that honestly gives me fits with it’s false front leading down to a deadly double bogey abyss. Admittedly, the pin was in a very good location. You could put [...]

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3 Golf Hacks for Playing More Golf

Golf is a time consuming endeavor that can get very expensive. All things relative, I believe it’s worth the investment. Where else can you get the combination of fresh air, a little exercise, and fellowship wrapped in a big bow called friendly competition? Sadly, from a man’s perspective, many of us will fail miserably at partaking of this forbidden fruit. Work? That [...]

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GoinGolf Putters

Putters, putters, putters. Your putter is easily the most important club in your bag. The putter lends itself to individuality with so many different shapes and sizes to suit the eye. Been to the putter section of your local golf superstore lately? The options are staggering. Blade type putters, mallets, even putter heads that resemble spacecraft with some funky shape [...]

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Stroke Play

Playing Through

Stamping out the malaise of slow play. The art of playing through. Read More

JBL Clip Review

Spice your game up with a little wireless music on the go. Read More

The Green
Those of you who follow the blog a bit, already probably figured out that I might be a junkie when[...]
Challenging My Limits – The Continued Quest for 66
The quest for 66 is stalling faster than the Rubio run for the presidency. Where to begin…or maybe the question[...]
Great Golf Drill Playing the 9s
Every once and awhile you come across a great golf drill that helps break up your range time. Playing the 9s[...]
Secret History
We remain transfixed on an icon, hoping against hope the old glory will return. If you were around for the[...]
Progress/Regress A fair amount of progress and regress, such is the life of a golfer. My quest to get into[...]
Could This Be True?
Gary Van Sickle Over the weekend, I came across an interesting commentary proffered by Gary Van Sickle in a piece[...]
2016 and Beyond
2016 and Beyond Sorry friends, I have been away far too long. I’ve missed sharing quite a bit with you,[...]
The Grip
The Grip Recently picked up the game? Enjoying it immensely, driven to get better as fast as you can? I’ve[...]
Steve Williams – The Review
PreShot “Steve Williams is a badass. Glad he finally called out that scumbag Tiger”, that’s the text I got from[...]
3 Great Putting Drills
Putting is such an integral part of your golf game. The old adage “drive for show, putt for dough” is[...]
Unwritten Rules
How have you’ve made it here, to this place where the greens are well, green? A friend, family member, maybe[...]
Tom Brady
In all likelihood, the little story about Tom Brady attacking the American diet didn’t hit a lot of people’s radars.[...]
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash From what I’ve read, Johnny Cash was never much for playing golf. It’s rumored he owned a house[...]
BMW Championship – Conway Farms
The final two tournaments of the playoffs are upon us.The BMW Championship at Conway Farms offers a great test to[...]
Hogan Ft. Worth 15 Review
For the record, I am not what you would call a club junkie. Never been one to swoon over the[...]

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