What’s it all about? Why would you start a blog in an internet ocean filled with blogs? Simplistic reasoning often illuminates deep truth, I love the game of golf. Since I was a little boy chipping and putting at my grandparent’s house in Torrance, California. Old school bladed Titleist “Bullseye” putter rolling in putts, a coffee cup turned on it’s side a makeshift hole. One thing certain, you could never “die” them in the hole with the lip of that cup. Progressed to chipping the ball to the same cup with a far too large 9 iron (sweet Wilson blade). All under the watchful eye of my grandfather who kept it fun, making it a game of who could get it down in the least amount of strokes. He was really watching to make sure I didn’t take out the TV or my grandmother. Sadly, we never made it over to the actual golf course when I was a kid. Rectified somewhat in adulthood, but still leaves me scratching my head all these years later. A seed planted nonetheless providing context when I did pick the game up in earnest.

Over the years, I feel I have acquired knowledge through experience playing this game. I don’t purport to be a pro, golf teacher, or even a wise sage. A decent player is all I’ll ever pretend to be. Never had a formal lesson, but I did learn quite a bit from my grandfather and great grandfather. My grandfather was a scratch player at his best and I’m pretty sure my great grandfather was pretty close to scratch at one time. Volumes of knowledge that I did tap into when I took the game up in my early 20s. An avid student of the game, I’ve probably read more books on the game then I care to admit. Honing a game that is respectable in mixed company. In the great pantheon of active players, an average Joe with the ability to go “low” every so often.

My mission with this blog is to share the game with likeminded people who love the game as I do. Sharing the experience about courses I may have played, golf products used, anecdotes, generally all things golf that I feel compelled to write about; the essence of this blog. The impetus, wasted time on courses rated far too highly given the actual value. How many times have you been on a vacation scouting for a good local course to get a game in? Pull up some glowing reviews online, a sentence here or there professing the virtues of the offering, only to be disappointed when you are stuck playing a terrible course. Hard earned money thrown out the window. More times then I care to recall I’ve been burned. It can happen locally for that matter. I’m fortunate to live in the Atlanta area where we have a multitude of excellent courses. Even so, sometimes the reputation a course may carry may be vastly disparate from actuality (good and bad). My aim is to provide a place for those that are interested access to the views of an advocate for the game.

Lastly, I like to laugh, relish good competition, and in all enjoy the company of golfers. Wise sentiment from my dearly departed grandfather have always stuck with me….paraphrasing…. “Golfers are all alike, no matter what they do in life, they love the game and are always striving to get better. If not, they learn to cuss better than sailors and there is something to be said for that.” With that he also imparted deeper wisdoms. He never met an honest golfer he didn’t like. He also never played twice with a golfer that cheats. I think of him from time to time when I’m on the links with my son. Often, I hope he’s watching, I know he’d be smiling. Please enjoy the blog. I promise not to take myself too seriously and I ask that you respond in kind.

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