2016 and Beyond

Sorry friends, I have been away far too long. I’ve missed sharing quite a bit with you, but I assure you, it’s been for good reason. During this little respite, I’ve been working on a killer new platform to bring to the golf business that has taken me a ton of time, sweat, and possibly a tear to two to build. As we come into the homestretch, I’m super excited to see my little dream become a reality. More to come on that front.


Now as for 4Caddy, the little blog site that has been a labor of love, I’ve recommitted for 2016. Along with my musings, my goal is to share my journey to get better than ever playing golf. Nothing as audacious as mastering golf, just the honest nuts and bolts tactics I will utilize to reach my goals. Goals, there’s that word again. It’s the word that will get you trouble if you let it, especially when you share these whimsical ideals with others around you. Not afraid of the word dammit, I’m that confident. Thankfully under most circumstances, golf is a non contact endeavor and my risk for bodily harm is relatively low. It’s okay to feel that confident, Vonn Miller isn’t going to tackle me. Well there is one threat, it’s conceivable I could succumb to eating Frankenwennies at the turn every week. Quite certain that will cause some undue harm.


Why February and not January like normal people? The resolutions crowd! Because golf to me isn’t as trite as working out more or eating better. Maybe an earnest attempt at losing some lbs before bikini season. Don’t take that out of context, nothing to see here….one time doesn’t make me a bikini wearer. Something wrong with this keyboard, must be autocorrect or some other nefarious force. Not that those goals aren’t worthy, in fact they are an essential part of my master equation. The age old notions are just so pat, it’s become an obnoxious punchline come January 1. If I’m still after it in February, well then, what do we have here? Maybe some substance? Yes, it is substance. My belief is that we can further a substantive conversation about the one thing every golfer I’ve ever met is interested in….getting better. I hope that my journey will amplify your journey to continue to chase the rabbit down the worm hole. Striving to do just that…get better.


Actionable content, that’s what I hope to share. How I’m going about it. The crazy thoughts that invade my psyche both good and bad. Yep, that’s the good stuff there, because we all have these little mental outburst with ourselves. I’m just not afraid to share them. Why it’s so important to me to hit my number, that elusive goal that I’m aiming to achieve. An aside, as many of you know, my son is a pretty good aspiring golfer. During the holidays, I stressed goal setting and how important it was to write things down and see yourself reaching those goals. After all, the mind will seek what you instruct. He’s 15, grabs a marker and some paper. Hangs up this seriously juvenile list of goals, one of which was shooting 75 or better. 9 days after he writes it down, it happened, he ended up shooting par. That’s when it really hit me the power of committing your dreams to paper. So me being the genius I am…that is pretty much a governmental promise, full of half truths and misdirection, believe at your own folly….thinks, hey why not magnify it and put it out there in the Blogosphere? Stones I tell you, like the touch in my hands on a slick 4 footer for par.

The Numbers

For the sake of metrics, measurable progress, all that stuff I care not though crucial to the experiment, lets take a baseline inventory. These are actual numbers. No sandbagging or creative license given.

GHIN Handicap- Much to my chagrin, currently my index is 4.0…respectable, but alltogether unsatisfying. Low point last year was 2.8.

Lowest score to date: 70



66, seriously, that’s my goal. I believe I can shoot that low. Not that I’ve every carded a 33 in my life, but I’ve got dreams, and I’ve been in that scoring neighborhood.

Win a tournament during the Spring/Summer season. Any tournament. I’ll play from the front tees if I have to.

Win my club championship (Championship Flight)- finished a respectable 3rd my first time out last year.


The Plan

How in the heck do I plan to achieve such lofty aspirations? How do I plan to stay happily married, continue to be an adequate father (I’m kidding, my wife says I’m suitable…discernible upgrade), career…stuff like that. I’m going to grab the bull by the nuts and milk him that’s how!…wait, that’s way wrong. That’s not exactly what I meant, but the spirit is there, well sort of, except the whole milking a bull. Alright, so that’s the bees knees for 2016. I’m going to share, quite possibly overshare what I’m doing to get there. Lots of work, but I know we can do it. Anyone? I’m sensing a cricket nation before me.

If you care to follow, sign up below, I’ll keep you in the loop. You might welcome the levity, or hell, some of you might just want to watch the car crash play out over time.


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