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Putters, putters, putters. Your putter is easily the most important club in your bag. The putter lends itself to individuality with so many different shapes and sizes to suit the eye. Been to the putter section of your local golf superstore lately? The options are staggering. Blade type putters, mallets, even putter heads that resemble spacecraft with some funky shapes all aimed to help you get the ball down. It’s easy to lose an hour in the putter section just trying them all out. My stance on putters has shifted slightly from my steadfast belief that you find one and stick with it through thick and thin. Not as adamant as I once was quite simply through accidental education. I thought I knew what I knew about putters, but you can always learn more. Enter GoinGolf and their marvelous collection of custom putters.

Before I delve into this objective review, I must qualify the fact that I’ve gotten to know the owner of GoinGolf products fairly well. He helped me out by chance on a local putting green as I was working away and offered a tip that immediately improved my putting. We became fast friends as we both have a tremendous love for the game of golf. He also crafted me a stellar set of custom leather headcovers that rounded out my bag nicely. With all that out in the open…on to the review.

GoinGolf has a healthy stable of putter types from which to choose. These aren’t your mass produced widgets lining the putter barn racks. Each putter is crafted to spec on an individual basis. They offer two distinctly different series the M and B. The M series consists of classic designs like the Anser style so popular on the world tours. They are constructed of 100% machined 1018 Carbon Steel dressed in a silky triple black oxide finish. I was able to test the M3 and the formidable M9 extensively. I’ve been a Scotty Cameron fan since I bought my first putter in 1995. Granted, I’ve only owned 2 of his putters, but then I’ve only owned 3 putters since 1995. Yes, I don’t change easily. While I am still a devote fan, I have embraced the dark side to some extent. The feedback or “feel” I get with the M series is blissful and dare I say somewhat infectious. When I line up a putt, the club is an extension of my arms, but the putter head is an extension of my fingers. It’s weird and a little bit hard to explain. When you get used to that different feel it translates handsomely on the greens. If you get the putt on line, it will hold that line, the roll is that tight.

GoinGolf putters are distinctly different and that distinction is discernible within the first couple of putts. First, the face on these putters is taller actually a little taller than the ball itself. Have you ever mishit a putt because you hit it a little high or a little low on the putter face? That would be a feat with these jewels. The other wow factor is the machined loft of these putters. Well, actually the loft is a bit of a misnomer as these putters have zero loft. Wait….come on now, putters need loft, that’s what I’ve been hearing. Count me in as a proponent of that camp, supposed to play with 3 to 4 degrees. Heck, Bobby Jone’s putter had almost 8 degrees of loft. GoinGolf politely eschews that methodology when it comes to their putters. With better maintained greens that are faster than ever, less is more when it comes to getting a good roll on the ball. The key is getting that ball to roll as quickly as possible. If you are playing greens that are running 5 or 6 on the Stimpmeter, my condolences. You need to putt with a hybrid and these putters are not for you. I found little issue putting on slower greens, but I found putting on faster greens was a delight.

As far as the two models I putted with extensively, the M3 was my favorite. It’s demur at address aiding my ability to adequately view the line. The M9 while it felt awesome, I just didn’t make as many putts with it. My guess is, the style of putter didn’t suit my eye. I also had the pleasure of experimenting with the B series. The B series might be the most unique putter I’ve ever demoed. The putters are a machined clamshell head made of cell cast black acrylic. Stay with me….I know, say what? To get these putters up to playing weight they encapsulate 4 weights that can be customized to your specific preferences. Now that you know what’s behind the curtain, let me go ahead and tell you….you’ve never putted with a better feeling putter. The only thing that would stop you from putting a good roll on the ball is a straight Judo style drop kick. I putted well with these offerings as well, yet I still gravitated to the classic style and carbon feel I’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

If you are in the market for a new friend on the putting greens, take a look at GoinGolf. Getting custom fit is a cinch even if you aren’t in the Atlanta area. These putters roll it well and roll it true. Not that my Scotty is a slouch in that department, but as of late there is nothing better for me than the M3. Recently took it out and only needed 13 putts over 9 holes…granted, I only hit 5 greens in regulation, but still 13 is pretty efficient when you card a 36. I’ve also had 2 full rounds with sub 30 putt performances…if only I could keep the ball in the fairway we’d be cooking.

Cheers and happy putting.


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