How I fixed my wayward golf game with a hole in one.

A hole in one! As the saying goes, every dog has his day…or something to that effect. Finally got one after 25 years of trying. 127 yard par 3 that honestly gives me fits with it’s false front leading down to a deadly double bogey abyss. Admittedly, the pin was in a very good location. You could put the ball a little deep and use the slope to bring it back to the hole. Alternatively, you could get one to skip forward up near the hole. Or you could get lucky like I did, hit it close and hope it spins a little sideways and disappears into the cup….which was surreal to watch.

So how did a hole in one fix my golf game?

To be perfectly honest I’d been playing like a train wreck the last month or so. Imagine you are hanging out with Sybil trying to figure out which personality was going to materialize on a given day. The two nines I’d played 3 days prior were comical. Shot at 37 from the tips one day and the very next day shot a 47 from the mens tees. Didn’t even want to play golf after such a hideous outing, but I had made a commitment so I showed up ready to donate to the skins game the following morning. Ever have that sinking feeling that you don’t know where the ball is going off the tee? Pretty much, I had no idea. I’d vaguely pick out a spot and hope it would draw, fade, worm burn it’s way to the target. Taking solace that my irons have been serviceable and my putter had been pretty solid the last few weeks.

Leading up to the ace on #5 was a discouraging double bogey on #4 after launching a ball way right O.B. General note for the floor…you should always follow a birdie with some kind of mental gaffe leading to a big number…makes your playing partners feel better about playing with you. I hate white stakes by the way. Actually, it’s more of a deep depraved loathing for the very existence of white stakes. I sometimes delve into a deep fantasy like dream where I mow them all down with a can of red paint. If you live on a golf course, you should expect me to hit one out of your yard from time to time. Probably not very politically correct. So I make the ace on #5 and my foursome erupts into a jubilant round of high fives and yelling like fans at a football game. The feeling was so cool and it put some pep in my step for sure. Even the groups in front of us (14 guys in this skins game) heard the roar and joined in with congratulatory texts. Actually these texts weren’t all congratulatory….some were just happy their drinks were going on my tab….more on that later.

I was in a foursome where everybody had at least one hole in one in their golf career. They were telling me who to contact, recounting stories, giving me the general run down of joining the club. Tells you the caliber of player I run with…wait, even dummies hit the lotto from time to time…scratch that previous statement. One of the guys says , “Your up eagle man. Say hello to the most difficult tee shot in golf”….to a round of laughter. Boy was he right, could feel a subtle tremor in my knees. A light current of electricity in my hands and arms. Standing over the ball, I pipe my drive right down the middle. It’s like all the golf demons that have been pummeling my psyche have disembarked. Feel free to commence with playing golf. Ended up shooting a pretty mundane 75 given the eagle with 4 birdies, though my confidence was high that I had found something in my swing. Golf is so much more fun when you know where the ball is going.

My last 5 rounds my high score has been an 80. Got a 74 and 75 in there too for good measure. The 80 was a 38/42 split between the nines, but I think the heat index of 108 had something to do with the result. Something good is simmering with my game and I’m hitting the gym to help sustain my recent progress. Also doing a fair amount of round charting to help me identify where I’m losing out on strokes. Will keep you posted. Looks like I have some fun outings a foot in the near future, so things should be interesting.

Back to the hole in one.

I have yet to research it, but I would love to know where the tradition of buying drinks came into being? Don’t want to sound ungrateful or disrespect tradition, but who thought that was a good idea? Further, shouldn’t it be limited to my actual playing partners and not the entire skins game? The guys I play with are cool so they didn’t hurt me too bad….though the tab was $80 bucks in the end….ouch. One of the guys I talked to said he heard of a guy getting hit for $400 from a men’s golf association tournament he hit an ace in. Note to self…play away from the pins in big events. Someone has got to school me on this tradition.

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