Keep Saying He’s Done

Bengal Tiger

Tiger is Dead.

I like to write, it makes me happy, so I do it. I don’t write to bring or tear people down. I try my best to not write from “on high” as if opinions from me will magically appear on your screen as absolutes. At least that’s my hope. Prevailing sentiment is chaffing my sensibilities. Aggravating me to the point that the keyboard is on autopilot. So Tiger Woods is apparently done….at least that’s what the swell of noise that is media seems to be dishing out. He can’t chip, he can’t drive the ball, he can’t play golf anymore at least by the measure he established over the last 20 odd years. They belittle his mental game, calling him fractured, inept, having a short game commonly on display on any given Saturday at your local muni. Some factions want him to comeback as a dominant force, many others revel in his apparent demise. Is his game what it was? Injury both physical and mental have taken a toll, so the answer is no. Can he still win? Absolutely! Will he win again? Only time will tell.

Nothing concrete to base my assumptions, but I believe he has another run in him. All the great ones do and his stature as a great of the game is irrefutable. Like the world, I’ve been lucky enough to marvel watching this cat for the last 20 years. Again, not privy to inside information, but his demeanor seems to have changed quite a bit in his latest bid to return. Albeit, his return is on the biggest the stage, he seems comfortable and confident in his ability to play the game at the highest level. Whom better would know what is required to play at that level? Maybe the guy who actually set the bar for dominance? The pundits seem to forget he won 5 times in 2013 before injury sacked him near the end of the season. Playing hurt most of the season he still found a way to win 5 times. Takeaway the injury plagued 2014 campaign and we are only a year removed from a dominant player.

Honestly, I can see Tiger going around Augusta well. Doing his thing, using that imagination to continue painting the canvas that has been his career. My wish…..people will let him play the game and step down from their soapboxes and enjoy the show. I hope he has a good week. Looking forward to a great Masters tournament….easily one of my favorite weeks of the year.


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