Playing Diary

Challenging My Limits – The Continued Quest for 66
The quest for 66 is stalling faster than the Rubio run for the presidency. Where to begin…or maybe the question[...]
Pursuits in Life and Golf
Pursuits in life fuel our existence. Proven, those that thrive aptly challenge themselves breaking new barriers in the process. This[...]
Withering of the Mind
Been awhile since I posted something to this section of the site. Not like I haven’t been playing much golf,[...]
Mental Health Day 6-26-15
Been awhile since I have posted anything to my playing diary. The title would imply that this portion of the[...]
Father Son Competition Weather this time of year can be a little touch and go. Spring thunderstorms will ruin an[...]
Play Diary 5/3/2015
Man, the weather was ridiculous on Sunday. 82 degrees, sunny, a few puffy clouds in the sky. Sounds like the[...]
Play Diary 4-28-15
I’ve decided, if for no other purpose than reflection, to add a “Play Diary” to the blog. Regardless, if it’s[...]
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