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Percy Marshall Sr. – 103 years
Golf is an integral part of my life. Not just a mild preoccupation or a hobby, rather a calling that[...]
Hole in One!
How I fixed my wayward golf game with a hole in one. A hole in one! As the saying goes,[...]
3 Golf Hacks for Playing More Golf
Golf is a time consuming endeavor that can get very expensive. All things relative, I believe it’s worth the investment.[...]
GoinGolf Putters
Putters, putters, putters. Your putter is easily the most important club in your bag. The putter lends itself to individuality[...]
The Green
Those of you who follow the blog a bit, already probably figured out that I might be a junkie when[...]
Challenging My Limits – The Continued Quest for 66
The quest for 66 is stalling faster than the Rubio run for the presidency. Where to begin…or maybe the question[...]
Great Golf Drill Playing the 9s
Every once and awhile you come across a great golf drill that helps break up your range time. Playing the 9s[...]
Secret History
We remain transfixed on an icon, hoping against hope the old glory will return. If you were around for the[...]
Progress/Regress A fair amount of progress and regress, such is the life of a golfer. My quest to get into[...]
Could This Be True?
Gary Van Sickle Over the weekend, I came across an interesting commentary proffered by Gary Van Sickle in a piece[...]
2016 and Beyond
2016 and Beyond Sorry friends, I have been away far too long. I’ve missed sharing quite a bit with you,[...]
The Grip
The Grip Recently picked up the game? Enjoying it immensely, driven to get better as fast as you can? I’ve[...]
Steve Williams – The Review
PreShot “Steve Williams is a badass. Glad he finally called out that scumbag Tiger”, that’s the text I got from[...]
3 Great Putting Drills
Putting is such an integral part of your golf game. The old adage “drive for show, putt for dough” is[...]
Unwritten Rules
How have you’ve made it here, to this place where the greens are well, green? A friend, family member, maybe[...]
Tom Brady
In all likelihood, the little story about Tom Brady attacking the American diet didn’t hit a lot of people’s radars.[...]
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash From what I’ve read, Johnny Cash was never much for playing golf. It’s rumored he owned a house[...]
BMW Championship – Conway Farms
The final two tournaments of the playoffs are upon us.The BMW Championship at Conway Farms offers a great test to[...]
Hogan Ft. Worth 15 Review
For the record, I am not what you would call a club junkie. Never been one to swoon over the[...]
Surlyn Dimpled Missiles – Ranger Danger
Surlyn dimpled missiles careen blindly through the sky all too often perishing in the depths of the creek fronting the[...]
Fantasy and the PGA Championship
Fantasy golf, a trip down the primrose path as they say. Longtime fantasy football participant, not so naive to the[...]
Blades, those little shiny hard to hit clubs that golfers classify as “player” only irons. If you game blades you[...]
It’s important to set goals in all facets of life. Getting that promotion, losing that freshmen 10 that’s 20 years[...]
The Ranger- Welcome, an Introduction
I’m a ranger, that’s right, a golf course arm of the law. I survey all that is before me within[...]
Angry Golf
I’ve never really been a club throwing tantrum having child when I play golf. For one, golf clubs ain’t cheap.[...]
City Club of Marietta
Playing golf on new tracks is always fun, but there is something to be said for the comforts of familiarity.[...]
National Championship
National Championship Spieth, Johnson, Day, and those guys from South Africa…Oosthuizen and a large dose of Grace. The U.S. Open[...]
Putter Wheel – Review
The Putter Wheel putting training aid is an effective tool for improving your stroke. Simplistic ideas are often the most[...]
The End of an Era
The driving range is a sanctuary for most golfers. A place to hone your game, to improve, ultimately gain confidence.[...]
The 5th Major
Not a 5th major? The Players Championship for some unknown reason has not been ordained as the 5th major championship[...]
Art of the Handicap
Why would you need to get a USGA Handicap index? Well, there are a lot of very good reasons to[...]
Calvin Peete
  Golf has many legends. Men and women who have won the biggest and grandest championships within the sport. Driven[...]
Youth Movement
Jordan Spieth winning the 2015 Masters at 21 is an amazing accomplishment. The feat and some of the youth movement[...]
Keep Saying He’s Done
I like to write, it makes me happy, so I do it. I don't write to bring or tear people[...]
From the Tips
I am pretty lucky to play as much golf as I do. My wife, God bless her, realized long ago[...]
Playing Through
Typically the winter weather in Atlanta is mild compared to other parts of the country. Californian by birth (Southern), season[...]
Moving On
  Slow play? It’s a dirty word in the world of golf. Much time and significant resource has been devoted[...]
I love the game of golf. Plain and simple it has been an unrelenting obsession for the last 20 plus[...]
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