Putter Wheel – Review

The Putter Wheel putting training aid is an effective tool for improving your stroke. Simplistic ideas are often the most ingenious. These practice balls force you to center up your putting stroke or the balls will wobble and deviate from the intended line. From the first practice strike, I found my quick jab putting stroke produced undesirable results. If you asked me before this little experiment, I would have undoubtedly told you my stroke was pretty smooth and technically sound. Sure, my practice strokes were ideal, but actually putting a stroke on a ball brought forth my inconsistency. Do you struggle with speed control? Putts seem to lose their line around the hole? Those short ones bring about undue anxiety? The Putter Wheel can help you with all these issues hopefully instilling some putting confidence into your short game.

With a little practice, probably a total of 10 minutes, I was able to get the Putter Wheels to hold their line and not wobble with a smooth accelerating putting stroke. For a couple of weeks solid, I would take them out and practice at home on my indoor putting matt. Never more than 10 or 20 putts, just to establish a good stroke tempo. Switching over to a normal ball afterwards once I felt I was consistently putting the ball solidly. The results were immediate for me at least. When I went out and played my putting was better. Not going to say I made everything I saw….this isn’t an infomercial….I wouldn’t do that. What I will say, I made more putts and felt confident over most every putt. The ball rolled true, and I felt certain that the putt would hold my intended line. Confidence on the greens…no way, don’t say it’s so. You can’t putt these practice aids poorly and have them stay up. The feedback is immediate, you can watch the roll out and you are either rolling it right or rolling it wrong. No ambiguity.

What else can they do? Well, aside from the intended purpose I find them great for other putting drills. I will use them at home to block one side of the hole if I am working on getting a breaking putt high enough to fall in the side of the hole. Similar to what you would do on a real green with breaking putts using a tee. It’s a great drill for giving yourself margin for error especially if you are a “die” putter. To a lesser extent, I will use them for a modified gate drill (aka the Tiger Drill). Standing them up and putting through the gate is great, but can get a little annoying if you aren’t “true” most of the time. Short chips? These little guys are great for a short chip drill. Not stated as a use by the company, but I gave it a try and found it to be beneficial. These are short chips onto my indoor putting mat, nothing too extreme. Essentially, just trying to get the ball rolling and holding the line hitting them true with little side spin. I’ve seen an improvement on course with these very same chips green side.

I’m a huge fan of the Putter Wheel. They are a simple solid piece of equipment that I believe with some regular use can benefit your game. Construction is top quality and the handy carry pouch is great for storage. They come in a variety of ordering options. The two pack seems to work the best for me. I paid $29 dollars for the set, ordered from Amazon, and I felt good about the purchase in the end. If your struggling with your putting or just want to stay sharp away from the course, the Putter Wheel is a great go to device.


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