The Green
Those of you who follow the blog a bit, already probably figured out that I might be a junkie when[...]
Steve Williams – The Review
PreShot “Steve Williams is a badass. Glad he finally called out that scumbag Tiger”, that’s the text I got from[...]
Hogan Ft. Worth 15 Review
For the record, I am not what you would call a club junkie. Never been one to swoon over the[...]
JBL Clip Review
JBL Clip Review Traditionalist frown upon change on the golf course. That old guard mentality resistant to the inevitable evolution[...]
City Club of Marietta
Playing golf on new tracks is always fun, but there is something to be said for the comforts of familiarity.[...]
Putter Wheel – Review
The Putter Wheel putting training aid is an effective tool for improving your stroke. Simplistic ideas are often the most[...]
Men in Green by Michael Bamberger
I was very excited to read this new offering from Michael Bamberger. I’m an absolute nut for golf books, especially[...]
Love playing new and challenging courses. One of the reasons I started this blog is to share my experiences giving[...]
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