The Green

Those of you who follow the blog a bit, already probably figured out that I might be a junkie when it comes to golf. My wife has even given up moving my arbitrarily stashed clubs that are placed in various rooms around the house. She might have noticed I often use them as a crutch when carrying on a conversation. More often it’s to take a couple of shadow swings or chip a ball across the catwalk. Given all of that, it should come as no great surprise that I read a lot of golf related material as a supplement to my actual playing of golf. Could be a historical piece about a particular player or maybe some new information about a game changing technology. Probably read everything Dr. Bob Rotella has written….though I still struggle with the space between my ears. Every once and awhile I’ll come across a golf novel that buoys the soul. The Green by Troon McAllister was a recommendation from a playing partner in a tournament a few weeks back. I made a big putt for a birdie in this team event and he called me “a regular Eddie Caminetti”….to which I replied….”um, who is that”? For those of you who would play this off out of hand, you miss out by faking knowledge that you don’t possess. Secondly, had to be sure it wasn’t some kind of backhanded compliment delivered surreptitiously. Sure I got ribbed, something to the effect “don’t you guys read”, but I wasn’t the only one who hadn’t enjoyed this marvelous book.

Eddie Caminetti is possibly the greatest fictional golfer of all time. The Green by Troon McAllister is a fantastic novel that I had a hard time putting down. The protagonist , Eddie, is a walking dichotomy that at times can drive the reader a bit bonkers. He’s a brash, bold, unorthodox, an enigmatic fault riddled hero of the morally just. Nevertheless, he’s the guy every golfer wishes he or she could be. Confidence backed by performance able to squash the subconscious pitfalls that fail us all. Caminetti is a hustler who never makes a wager he can’t cover. A player with an edge, ready to up the ante when the opportunity arises. He’s an old school character whose game is an examination of the ruthlessly mundane. I came away enjoying the character Eddie Caminetti for all his quirks. We all may not know a true Caminetti, but if you play golf long enough, you will run into someone whose cut from the same cloth. A guy 250 straight down the fairway who can cuss on Sunday and still seem reverent in mixed company.

The Green is a book driven by rich character development quickly immersing the reader into the art of the game at the highest levels of golf. A cast of characters drawing inspiration from some of the real life heroes on the PGA Tour. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’s who if you have even casually followed the tour the past 20 years. Troon McAllister weaves a well paced narrative that is inventive and loads of entertainment. I will warn you though, if you have an addiction to golf this isn’t going to help you with your issues. If anything, it will stir the caldron and you’ll be itching to play when the opportunity arises. I get nervous putting for the $2 carryover, couldn’t imagine playing for 20 large.

If you get the chance, pick up a copy of this great little book. I’ve yet to find someone disappointed after reading it. Many, many Amazon reviews are very supportive of the work. Click the link below to check it out.

Happy hitting my friends. If you don’t hit them straight, keep trying, the wind is bound to blow your way at some point. Please comment below if you have something to add to conversation. Love to hear from fellow golfers.


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